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engraft cutlery set

engraft is a collection of tableware inspired by the textured skins of fruits and vegetables. Made from PLA that is derived from renewable resources and 100% biodegradable, the set of cutleries pay homage to their agrarian origins - the petal of an artichoke becomes the bowl of a soup spoon, a stalk of celery transforms into the handle of a fork, a pineapple leaf is the blade of a knife.

Material: PLA
Dimensions: L 19 cm / 7,5"
Environment: PLA is a plant-based plastic that’s sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable.

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Engraft is an environmental- friendly brand for everyday items established by product designer Qiyun Deng and parters. The design derives from a comparative research between artifacts and natural objects, by paring their functional and organoleptic properties. 

The first outcome of Engraft is a set of utensils carrying texture and color of plants, made from biobased and biodegradable plastic. With the participation of our manufacturer in China since 2015, we finally turned this creation into safe and nicely-made products after diverse tests. We are soon to expand the whole collection in the near future and hope you simply enjoy the beauty of objects while caring for our planet.




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